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Confirmation I & II

Confirmation I & II

Confirmation II - Grade 9 Students - Pizza with the Pastor!   June 10th at 12pm

Link for Permission Slip  - Confirmation Students

Confirmation I

  • Copy of baptismal certificate
  • Copy of 1st communion certificate
  • Community service 5 hours

Confirmation II

  • Successful completion of Confirmation I
  • Attendance is required.  There will be a make up session at the end of the year.
  • Information session. One parent or guardian must attend 
  • Community service hours total of 15 this includes confirmation I community service hours.
  • Select a Saints name
  • Confirmation Retreat
Commonly asked questions:
Who can be my Confirmation Sponsor And what is a proxy?
  • All sponsors must be 16 years of age, a confirmed catholic and someone who is actively practicing their faith.  Sponsor can be an older sibling (or other family member a friend or a parishioner, but they CANNOT BE the candidates mother or father.  A mother or father may stand in for the official sponsor if they cannot attend Confirmation as a "proxy."
Do I have to select a Saints name?
  • Tradition has dictated that, at the time of confirmation, a candidate takes on a new symbolic name to mark a significant personal/spiritual milestone .  The church has encouraged this tradition which has its roots in the Bible, for example, Simon becomes Peter and Saul becomes Paul.


Community Service

Volunteering is an essential part of preparing our students to develop an increased sense of social responsibility, a heart for giving back and helping others! All Confirmation I & II students must commit to volunteer 15 hours. At OLMC we have many opportunities available.

Community Service Form 

Sponsorship Form


When can you volunteer? Please email us your availability: cfs.marilyn@gmail.com

Students are welcomed to assist with all the masses or select the ones they are able to attend. This will determine the amount of Community service hours earned. Community service sheets will be provided.


Mass times at OLMC: Saturday 4:30pm, Sunday 7:30am, 9am, 10:45am

 Updated Faith Formation Confirmation I & II,  Updates in Progress.

For questions or more information: Marilyn Cabral, Coordinator grades 1-9 at CFS.marilyn@gmail.com 508-336-5549