Our Faith is our Strength

CFS at Home

CFS at Home

Welcome to our online at home materials to support your family at home. This will be where you will be able to connect your faith from the altar table to the kitchen table! Remember the best thing you can do for your children is bring them to God, bring them to Mass! Class times are set but Mass happens at OLMC 52 weekends 4 times! 

When life happens - someone gets sick, mile stones occur - weddings, baptism, birthdays,  classes will gets missed. Check in here and you will find what the students experienced at classes and during the intergenerational gatherings. If your child is being homeschooled this year please come to the office to get a starter packet! All homeschool families are expected to attend our intergenerational gatherings.

Our theme for 2017-18 Chosen - Formed  - Sent Faith Formation:

Living as Intentional Disciples


Every time the students gather we will have four components: 

The Holy Trinity - We will nurture, learn and help the students develop a relationship with God. Who is Jesus, Who is God, Who is the Holy Spirit?

Weekly Reading from the Lectionary - Each grade will explore one of the readings from the weekend Masses. The difference of each class will be in discussion, depth and personality of each group.

Journaling - Scrapbook - Activities from each session can be glued into the students notebooks. We want them to love their journals, draw or write their thoughts, questions and prayers about God, to God;  a place to maintain all of their work. Sending them home is not always ideal. We are hopeful that they will grow attached to them, keeping them like a treasure. When a student forgets we can send them home with worksheets and have blank paper available in the classrooms.

Learning to Pray by Heart - Our goal is to have the students not only know the prayers of our faith but also learn to pray anywhere and always- Learn and Review: Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Highlighted Prayer this week: Act of Contrition, Glory Be and Apostles Creed.

 The Ten Commandments - The Best Moral Code!!


Mel Brooks as Moses accepting the 15 10 Commandments from the Lord Thy God:

Chosen Formed Sent Lesson Plans for October 29-30th

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grades 3 & 4

Ten Commandment Coloring Book

Grades 5-8

The Beatitude Activity 

Chosen Formed Sent Lesson Plans for October 22-23rd

Classes for grades 1-4 were cancelled.

Grades 5-8

Chosen Formed Sent Lesson Plans for October 15-16th

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7 & 8