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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church aspires to be a community that is a place of God's mercy and hope, which fosters courage, hope and new vigor for one's faith journey - a place with doors wide open so that all may enter and feel welcomed.

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Welcome everybody, especially seekers and visitors,

Happy birthday, Church.  The sacred texts the Church gives us on this great solemnity of Pentecost – the coming of God’s Spirit – God “breathing” us into a new creation, like the original blessing, like the “first day of the week, and yes like the original Pentecost capture the reality of our living and our life.

The world and even Christianity suffer from what feels like unending divisions, and the consequences of division – waring attitudes, waring ways.  I had a conversation recently with a Catholic therapist and our bishop over divisions we struggle with in relationships even among our priests. Pointedly, she reminded us that even malicious speech is a form of violence.

Our hearts are restless for all those suffering persecution, especially because of their faith.  Our nation’s very identity is a foundation drawn from today’s solemnity, E pluribus Unum.  Out of many, one.

The phrase, “speaking in tongues” carried a negative connotation in some parts of the church in recent history.  But, that’s precisely what God does in the Holy Spirit; God speaks so that everyone can hear, and understand; and what’s God’s eternal message, but “love one another as I have loved you.”

Given the reality that divisions cause scandal, let’s use our birthday celebration to personally recommit to a life of non-violence, to accept Jesus’ gift that always makes of us a new creation, and to use the unique gifts that come to us in the Holy Spirit to plant seeds of faith, hope and love – the very seeds of God’s life that enable us to be one, even in our incredible diversity.

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