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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church aspires to be a community that is a place of God's mercy and hope, which fosters courage, hope and new vigor for one's faith journey - a place with doors wide open so that all may enter and feel welcomed.


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Fr. Mark

Fr. Tom is doing a much better job at preparing for our transfer to Holy Family on July 31st.  He’s sifting through books he’s already read and doesn’t need; he’s filled the clothing container with shirts and slacks he hasn’t worn, or no longer needs; he’s even giving away a bike!  I guess you could say that he’s good at traveling light.

For Jesus, traveling light is one of the prerequisites of being his follower.  In today’s Gospel, He not only calls and summons His followers by name, but then – in Mark’s version – bids them to take along nearly nothing, but a walking staff and a pair of sandals.

But then, Jesus gives them what they truly need – Him, His power (“authority”) specially to cast out fear, and to heal the hurts of others, in body, mind and spirit.  And, He gives them each other (“two by two”), precisely because we need one another, and because “the work” can be daunting (announcing that the Kingdom of God is at hand), especially in a secular, materialistic and individualist culture filled with selfishness and scarred by indifference.

And why?  So that we learn, over our lifetimes, to trust God, to trust that God is leading us in our living and our life, to trust God’s power – in us – to cast out fear, and to heal, so that others know that God is near.

That’s probably why Fr. Tom is such a good priest, and truly a good person who has blessed us with God’s love.

Fr. Mark













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