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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church aspires to be a community that is a place of God's mercy and hope, which fosters courage, hope and new vigor for one's faith journey - a place with doors wide open so that all may enter and feel welcomed.

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Welcome everyone, especially seekers and visitors, 

Last Sunday Pope Francis visited a parish in a very poor part of the Diocese of Rome to spend the day with members of the faithful. At one point, it had been arranged that he'd hear from some of the young children in the catechism program.  A few had already come to the microphone when it became little Emanuele's chance.  The camera catches him becoming emotional, and you hear Holy Father Francis ask him to come up onto the stage and whisper his question into the Pope's ear; as he does, Emanuele falls into the outstretched arms of the Pope, crying. They whisper back and forth...The Pope asks if he can tell everyone what they talked about. 

Emanuele had told the Pope his dad was an atheist; but, that he'd also had three other children, along with Emanuele and, in fact, had them all baptized.  Now, his father was dead; "Is he going to heaven or to hell," asked this young Catholic boy?  Francis had truly consoled and quieted Emanuele. He'd simply told the little, but believing young man, "God has a father's heart."  How could a good God not love a good dad, the Pope taught the whole world, who'd done good for his children. Yes, Francis whispered, your dad's in heaven. 

The fourth Easter Sunday is always called Good Shepherd Sunday since, in Jesus own words, He contrasted himself with all the self-centered shepherds of the people who had no concern, no care, and no genuine love for people; shepherds who were only interested in power and privilege and prestige. 

In the Acts of the Apostles, we finally get a glimpse of Peter realizing his proverbial "mojo s," when, standing before such corrupt shepherd-leaders he says, "IF," we have to stand here and explain why a crippled and poor beggar is now healed, walking and has his dignity restored, then you're the ones who are truly lost. 

Simply using the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean is our Easter gift; a gift our world needs more than ever. For people are lost, hungry, sick, suffering, homeless, lonely and fearful  -  to describe just some compelling realities. 

In other words, the world needs to hear the gentle, tender, close voice or the Good Shepherd. Be that voice. Have a dad's heart, a mom's heart.

 Fr. Mark




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